I first met Carrie  on Instagram, I noticed that she had posted a Tilly and The Buttons Cleo Dungaree dress in the exact same fabric that I intended to make mine! I sent her a message commenting on the fact that I’d bought the same. We got to chatting and soon became good friends. We would often find that we’d order fabric independently of each other but end up with two of three of the same fabric. It’s been bit of an on-going joke really.

Recently, we decided that we wanted to do something together on Instagram, not a challenge as such, just more of an experiment! We had a few fabric options that we had both bought and had ‘in stock’ and we thought it’d be fun to make 1 fabric two ways!


Carrie has a beautiful, feminine curvaceous figure whilst I have more of a boyish slim athletic figure. We have both learned to love the way we look and dress for our respective figures. We thought that it’d be interesting to run an experiment whereby we both made an item of clothes with the same fabric, firstly so people could see how the fabric looked as two separate garments but also so people could look and realise that it doesn’t matter what type of figure you have – you can wear the brightest fabric, denim, jersey, bold colours etc Your body doesn’t dictate what you wear, you do. It’s just about finding out what suits your body type and that’s where we hope to be able to offer some inspiration and body confidence. Both Carrie and I have found the best thing about dressmaking is that you can literally create the perfect wardrobe for you.


All too many people will not wear something because it’s too bright, too clingy, ‘makes me look like a sack!!!! It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose the bright fabric, it’s just that all important pattern choice.

Over the next few months Carrie and I will be experimenting with all sorts of different fabrics in an attempt to show you that you can look good in pretty much any fabric, obviously there will be certain colours that don’t suit you but on the whole you can get away with anything. If you wear something with confidence you shine. We hope to have you trying fabrics that you wouldn’t necessarily choose, believe in yourselves and love your body. We are all different and we must complement each other more and be kind. If you see a larger lady rocking a bright dress – tell her so, if you see a slight lady looking good – tell her so…because you have no idea what’s going on inside, she might be full of confidence but she may also be riddled with anxiety. Women need to be strong and support each other – this world is cruel enough without us disliking ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves and also to spread love. None of us are perfect but we can make an effort to behave perfectly – spread body confidence. Love yourself – life is too short for anything else.

Support Carrie and myself to promote body confidence on Instagram in #1fabric2ways. Our next challenge is with denim!!


Carrie Marshall @carrie_can_make_it

Emma Coker @thezipperfoot

Thanks for reading!


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New to sewing, loving the journey so far! Hoping to progress into more complex patterns as time goes on.

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