What shall I do with all these leftovers?!!

So, I’ve been sewing like crazy now for around three months. This has left me with mountains of fabric leftovers!! I gave my first lot away and then I sat and thought, maybe I could make a small business with them. I had previously owned a small framing business and had quite a successful and fun time with it on Etsy and Facebook so the framework was there, it was just a case of changing my shop name on Etsy.  Wordlove, my previous small business was great, I ran it for around three years and ended up closing it because in a way I lost my passion for it. I love craft, I always have but I’m not convinced that this was the correct avenue for holding my passion. Sewing on the other hand has grabbed me like nothing before, it allows the creative juices to flow and is somehow relaxing at the same time. It brings me huge joy and happiness and im grateful for that. On top of all this there is an amazing sewing community over at Instagram and I think I can say I’ve met a few ‘virtual’ friends who I connect with regularly – it’s just lovely.


Anyway, back to the leftovers! I sat and thought for a while. It needed to be something just fun, quick and enjoyable but something where the quality would be there as I’m a big believer in if you’re going to do something – you need to do it right. I work 30 hours a week and so my spare time is limited – I’m also a mum, so time is extremely limited! The obvious answer to my question seemed to be ‘easy makes’, travel wallets, make up pouches, bags etc. I ordered myself some branding and set to work on my next day off. I made up a little production line of simple zip closed pouches. I cut them, matched them up with some linings, interfaced them all and set to work! A few hours later I’d done it. I had my first little batch of stock, 12 zip closed pouches. I was excited! Since then, I’ve made a few other little bits and bobs – all of which still need to be photographed for my Etsy page! I need more time!!

So – here we go, onto the next little chapter! It’s funny, I still don’t really know what I’m trying to achieve here! I just know that I love what I’m doing and I want to do much more of it. Who knows what the future holds, all I do know is that I want to push it as far towards sewing as I can! Nothing comes for free, you have to work hard and you have to put the hours in – and you have to remain true to yourself and always be humble and BELIEVE! Sometimes then, just sometimes – great things happen.

Until the next time….

The Zipper Foot


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New to sewing, loving the journey so far! Hoping to progress into more complex patterns as time goes on.

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